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Mind maps are great tools for understanding and communicating ideas because we humans are visual creatures and we process visual information very quickly. Apps are billed based on the number of users in your Atlassian product. The app tier should match the licensed user tier of the Atlassian product. For example, if you have a Confluence license for 500 users, you should purchase the 500-user tier for apps. Even if fewer users want to use the app than your Atlassian product license, the two licenses should match exactly. Confluence Cloud apps are priced based on the number of Confluence users on your instance. For example, if you have Confluence Cloud , you pay the 25-user price for apps.

The benefit of this layout is that the entire mind map resizes automatically to fit your growing ideas, and you never have to worry about one idea infringing on another’s space. And, while the finished result might look more like an organized flowchart, it still follows the free ideation format of the mind map. The chart below provides a basic summary of the top mind map tools included in this review. Get a snapshot of each tool’s basic pricing info, trial info, and overall quality score, and then read a detailed review of each tool below. They also offer a free mind map software with unlimited public diagrams and up to 3 private diagrams. Ayoa has a unique variety of Mind Mapping styles inspired by the traditional, hand-drawn mind map, choose Organic Mind Maps for smooth, curved branches. You can choose Speed Mind Maps for auto-layout and box branches to capture ideas quickly.

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Do you think linearly, or do your ideas come out in a random order? Do you tend to brainstorm with your team or on your own? Think through all these questions, and take advantage of the free trial on all of these apps before selecting your winner. Ayoa is the follow-up to one of our previous mind mapping picks, iMindMap.

Their newest feature, Radial Maps, allows you to present your ideas in a visual pie-chart and add structure to your goals and ideas. ClickUp’s free plan is robust and includes all primary features. The unlimited plan starts at $5 a month per user and offers additional functionality.

  • If you want a quick preview of what your text would look like with a certain font, gives you an instant preview of how your text would appear on multiple fonts at once.
  • Email-safe fonts are the fonts most likely to be received by all email providers.
  • Just type a word or phrase on their front page bar, press enter and it will show you your text with different fonts such as Candara or Lucida Console.
  • Fonts are directly related to design, and therefore, your company’s overall look and feel.
  • By using these fonts, you ensure your subscribers can read your emails on virtually any device.

Now, since I’m more on confluence, I started to do more directly on the page with this easymind for mindmaps. One small issue I’ve noticed is the multi-browser support.

Cloud apps are sold as a monthly or annual subscription. You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active. I’m using easymind server version, and after trial I bought it. This is by far the only plugin works for uploading it to confluence.

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It was created by Chris Griffiths, a mind mapping expert and author who has collaborated with Tony Buzan, the man responsible for popularizing mind mapping in the 1970s. Put simply, it’s got a serious mind mapping pedigree—and it shows. If you’re gravitating toward creating your mind maps with sticky notes, you might also consider Padlet or MURAL. In a world of curves and circles, SmartDraw stands out as a linear mind mapping solution. Sub-ideas begin either on the left or right of the central node, and each subsequent sub-idea continues in that same direction.

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While at college, he was leafing through a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done and discovered a chapter on brainstorming. Levon started doing this on pen and paper but later teamed up with fellow programmer ‘Kirill’ to begin development of The result is that the mind map makes it easy to see at a glance how everything is supposed to work together, and highlight actionable insights for improving processes. The result is greater clarity and the ability to apply it to work situations to improve efficiency and productivity. How your brain works will determine which app is best for you. Are you usually at your desk while brainstorming, or do your best ideas come when you’re on the road?